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jimma coffee ceremony is a forum for social networking and it is where elders pass onto their children the norms and values of the society that sustain social identity of the group members

Method Of Natural And Washed Coffee Processing

The natural process means that the beans are left to dry in the cherry after it is picked. This is a
tricky process to do well, as the beans need to be turned over for a consistent and even drying. If
some cherries are not dried it will give a moldy flavour to the cup as well as over fermented
flavours. But when it is done well, it gives a sweet cup and a bigger body. In the case of kayon
farm the natural process is what enhance the blueberry  character in the coffee.
The Kayon dry mill has a capacity of hulling 1200kg/.The huller also grade the coffee by size
and weight. After hulling hand picking is done to remove defective beans.

  • 1.Harvesting
  • 2.Drying
  • 3.Testing

Kayon mountain coffee farm has its own wet mill and has a capacity to produce
Every day Continuously for Almont 90 days red coffee cherries are picked and delivered
to the wet mills. Before pulping hand-soring is done prior to processing to remove
unripe, overripe, or damaged fruit, in order to enhance the quality and sweetness of the
cup. The coffee cherries are then pulped to separate parchment coffee from the pulp.The
Grader separates heavey and light coffee with parchment.heavier beans are superior
quality and deliver a sweeter cup.



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