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Kayon Muntain coffee farm plc grows and processes arabica coffee from its own farm and smallholder farmers organised around the processing sites found in East and West Guji zones of Ethiopia. Kayon processes, packs and exports both washed and sun-dried arabica coffee to international market.
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Guji Shakiso Mansiti

Guji coffee has a particular terroir in terms of topography, culture, and flavors while retaining typical traits like sweet peach and chocolate aromas.
Grade 1,2,3

Guji Shakiso Sawana

Grade 1,2,3
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Guji Shakiso Taro

Grade 1,2,3

Guji Shakiso Maku

Grade 1,2,3

Guji Shakiso Jigessa

Grade 1,2,3

Guji Shakiso Hokata

Grade 1,2,3

Guji Shakiso Wesi

Grade 1,2,3

Guji Shakiso Ebicha

Grade 1,2,3

Guji Uraga Haro Yabitu

Grade 1,2,3

Guji Hamballa Bowa Bonu

Grade 1,2,3

Guji Hamballa Dimtu

Grade 1,2,3

Guji Hamballa Genet

Grade 1,2,3

Guji Hamballa Dari Kidame

Grade 1,2,3

Guji Hamballa Kukiso

Grade 1,2,3

Guji Hamballa Halaka

Grade 1,2,3

Guji Hambela Goro Badessa

Grade 1,2,3

Guji Hamballa Buliye

Grade 1,2,3

Guji Hamballa Alona

Grade 1,2,3

Guji Hamballa Buku

Grade 1,2,3

Guji Hamballa Buku Abel

Grade 1,2,3
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Kayon mountain coffee farm has its own wet mill which has a capacity to produce 5000kg/hour. The production goes on everyday for 90 days. Firstly, red cherries are picked and delivered to the wet mills. Secondly, before pulping the cherries, hand-sorting is done to remove unripe, overripe, or damaged fruits in order to enhance the quality and sweetness of the cup. Thirdly, the cherries are then pulped to separate parchment coffee from the pulp. Finally, the grader separates heavy and light coffee with parchment. Heavier beans are superior in quality and they deliver a sweeter cup than the light ones.


The natural process means that the beans are left to dry in the cherry after it is picked. This is a tricky process to do well as the beans need to be consistently turned over until they evenly dry. If some of the cherries are not dried enough they will give a moldy and over fermented flavour to the cup. But when it is done well, it gives a sweet cup and a bigger body. In the case of kayon farm the natural process is what enhances the blueberry  characteristic in the coffee. 

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